The Essential First Step

A plan for Parliament’s Northern Estate

Welcome to our website showing our proposals for a temporary House of Commons at Parliament’s Northern Estate.

The plans would deliver the accommodation required for the House of Commons to move out of the Palace of Westminster during the essential Restoration and Renewal Programme.

This follows the momentous decision of both Houses of Parliament in 2018 to fully vacate the Palace of Westminster while essential work to restore and renew the building takes place, with the House of Commons to move to the Northern Estate.

The proposals are the essential first step to enable the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster and will include a new temporary House of Commons chamber and associated facilities within a substantially redeveloped Richmond House on Whitehall, together with workspace for all 650 MPs and staff within a single secure site.

On this website, you will find further information about our proposals and how you can share your feedback. You can also download a copy of our consultation document, which summarises the plans, below:

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