NEP supply chain

The Northern Estate Programme presents a significant opportunity for organisations to secure a steady stream of work delivering a high-profile programme during a period of economic uncertainty.

NEP have already placed Tier 1 contracts to deliver a number of high value packages for major works and professional services and are nearing completion of their first project at 1 Derby Gate.

There are a range of Tier 2 supplier opportunities which will be of interest to business across the UK. Some work is underway now, with more to come in the next months and years presenting opportunities for individuals and firms to get involved. There will be a need for a wide, diverse range of skills and experiences – from stone carvers to solar panel specialist, asbestos disposal to accessibility experts.

There are additional security and logistics requirements compared to other areas of work, but an experienced team in on board to support firms through those steps.

We are working with CompeteFor to ensure NEP opportunities are visible to the market, these should be accessible by November 2020 –

If you are interested in finding out more get in touch by email –