Streetscape and Perimeter Security

The proposed Parliament Street elevation showing a temporary new visitor pavilion and three metre high railings.

Special arrangements for security need to be in place during the period the temporary House of Commons Chamber is in operation. These have been designed to be removed once the Restoration and Renewal Programme is complete.

A temporary new pavilion building in front of Richmond House will contain airport style security to enable visitors and the public safe access into the building.

Along parts of Whitehall and Parliament Street, demountable railings will be introduced, sections of which are being designed to be removable for ceremonial occasions, for example on Remembrance Day.

The pavement in this section of the street is being widened to allow more space for pedestrians and visitors.

There will be few changes to the Victoria Embankment elevations, which will see the existing railings increase in height to three metres, while the Bridge Street elevation will be unchanged.

We are also looking to introduce new public wayfinding including exploring digital solutions.

The proposed Bridge Street elevation showing no change.

The proposed Victoria Embankment elevation showing a small increase in the height of the railings.

Minimising transport impacts

The proposals would remove one southbound lane of Parliament Street on a short section of the road to accommodate a wider pavement width at the proposed visitor entrance to Richmond House. The junction between Parliament Street and Bridge Street would remain unchanged, minimising impact on vehicle movements onto Westminster Bridge and towards Millbank.

Current plan view showing Whitehall and Parliament Street with four vehicle lanes.

Proposed plan view showing Whitehall and Parliament Street with one southbound lane removed to widen the pavement.

Exploring options for railings

We are exploring a range of design options to the temporary railings that would be installed as part of the proposals. Some possible examples are detailed below but we would welcome any thoughts on possible designs and motifs.

Artist’s impression of potential design options for railings which allow transparency through to buildings on the Estate whilst remaining respectful of the Heritage context.

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