Energy and Environmental sustainability

These proposals will vastly improve the environmental performance of the Northern Estate buildings to mitigate the effects of climate change and will help result in carbon emission reductions.

The masterplan will deliver 60% reduction in CO2 emissions from the historic buildings on the Northern Estate, with the new buildings, including Richmond House, producing 35% less CO2 emissions than Building Regulations require.

  1. A new Energy Centre will provide a low carbon heating and cooling network through the use of modern heat exchange technology. This will draw water through boreholes underneath Richmond House and Portcullis House to service all of the buildings within the Northern Estate site.
  2. Heat emissions will be reduced through the installation (or in some cases refurbishment) of secondary glazing throughout the Northern Estate.
  3. Upgraded boilers in Portcullis House will reduce gas consumption and improve air quality. There will also be ‘greening’ on the roof of Richmond House and new planting within the Estate.
  4. Water usage will be reduced by using ‘low flow’ taps and the reuse of water in toilets. There is also a reduced demand on the local drainage infrastructure by reinjecting cooling water back into the water table via the boreholes.
  5. The collection of rainwater in attenuation tanks will help mitigate flood risk and reduce impact on local drainage infrastructure. New down pipes and guttering will also improve drainage and protect historic building fabric.
  6. Installation of solar panels on the roof of Richmond House, 1 Parliament Street and the internal courtyard roof of Norman Shaw South.