Conserving the Northern Estate

The Northern Estate Programme will deliver the sensitive repair and restoration of Norman Shaw North, 1-3 Parliament Street, 2-4 Canon Row, Norman Shaw South and Richmond Terrace, 85 Whitehall and 54 Parliament Street.

The buildings were originally designed individually and to face outwards and so the internal spaces do not function as a cohesive campus.

Restoring these buildings – some of which have not been refurbished for more than 30 years – secures their long-term use.

1 Derby Gate will not be part of planning applications for the Northern Estate Programme as it is already currently being refurbished.

The external setting of all the buildings within the estate will be greatly improved. This will be achieved by removing service vehicle movements from the internal spaces, removing portacabins and bins, and covering most cycle storage.

New surfacing, lighting and de-cluttering of the area will help to create a new Parliamentary campus.

Within the buildings, original features such as fireplaces, doors, joinery and staircases will be restored, together with the rationalisation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. Accessibility will also be greatly improved and essential fire safety measures introduced.

With the temporary House of Commons occupying the site for several years, its rich heritage will be visible to visitors for the first time, including constituents and schoolchildren.

Norman Shaw North

The courtyard in Norman Shaw North will completely change function, from a delivery and service yard to a catering and informal meeting space covered with a glass roof. Together with the reinstatement of the oculus and stone floor finish within its courtyard space, this will greatly improve the experience for people in this Grade I listed building. The exterior of the building will also be restored and the internal spaces modernised.

During the consultation the key design concept, the glazed atrium was well received and supported by the public and key stakeholders.

Photo of the existing Norman Shaw North courtyard.

Indicative image of the proposed Norman Shaw North atrium and a new glazed courtyard roof.

Norman Shaw South

Grade II listed Norman Shaw South will also see improvements and repair to all elevations and the roof. A new building with a green roof will be created in the courtyard, providing valuable additional office and meeting space.

The internal spaces will be refurbished with new services and a new raised courtyard area as well as a new entrance to Commissioner’s Yard providing a better route to Richmond House.

Since the consultation, the Norman Shaw South infill building has changed from a stepped back form to a more distinct and separate building following feedback. The internal circulation and layout of the building has also changed and now provides a clearer and weather-protected route from Portcullis House to Laundry Road.

Plan view of the proposed Norman Shaw South courtyard.

Indicative image of the proposed courtyard within Norman Shaw South.

A link between Portcullis House and Norman Shaw South

A covered link will be created between Portcullis House and Norman Shaw South with expanded catering facilities to cope with the increased number of people who will be working within the Northern Estate.

This will open out onto Canon Row with lift and stair access to improve the connections and accessibility between Portcullis House and the other buildings.

Taking into account feedback received during the consultation, we will be refining the detailed design for how the link building connects into Portcullis House during the next stage of design development.

Indicative image of the proposed link between Portcullis House and Norman Shaw South, looking towards Victoria Embankment.

Parliament Street buildings

Numbers 2 and 3 Parliament Street will be retained and refurbished to bring them up to modern standards. The 1980s rear of 1 Parliament Street will be remodelled to provide more accessible space for a range of Parliamentary uses, while the current Parliament Street elevation will be retained.

Following comments during the consultation, the design of the façade facing Canon Row and roof of the 1 Parliament Street building have been refined to better reflect the historic form of the street.

Indicative image showing the remodelled 1 Parliament Street building as viewed from Canon Row.