Creating a better connected and accessible space

The proposals will transform access for all people working in or visiting the Northern Estate, with all buildings and open spaces accessible to wheelchair users.

This will be achieved through creating new entrances to the 1980s buildings along Canon Row and reinstating stepfree courtyard access into Norman Shaw North and South to provide accessible connections between the buildings.

The creation of a pedestrian-friendly external environment including new areas of communal space will enable more people to appreciate the historic buildings.

Area plan showing key routes within the Northern Estate.

“Good to see modern disability access included in everything, plus other uses for the space when they return to the existing site.”

“Access for the disabled and infirm is essential.”

“The site appears to be in dire need of improved access, connectivity and maintenance of old buildings.”

We also received feedback on the height of the canopy proposed along Canon Row. In light of these comments the height has been lowered to reduce the overall impact on the surrounding listed buildings, such as 1 Canon Row, and to be more consistent with the surrounding architecture.

Indicative image showing the proposed improvements to Canon Row.

Photo of existing Commissioner’s Yard.

Indicative image showing the proposed improvements to Commissioner’s Yard.

Photo of the existing Laundry Road.

Indicative image showing the proposed improvements to Laundry Road.